Thursday, December 23, 2010

Making progress

Like a bridge .....

Like a bridge over very tranquil and pleasant waters, I will lay me down.

Like little snails, sliming their way across the landscape

Hot morning drawings

Going off track

Little Bull sniffed out a disused railway station.

Route planning

Route planning is a bit of a misnomer. It's essential to mull over the map every morning, whilst imbibing copious cups of coffee. It's inevitable that the route is never followed, as Dobbin and Little Bull often vere off the route as they sniff out adventure.

At the beach in Dinard

Sketch of Dobbin by the Tent

At rest

Dobbin and Little Bull at Home

Waking up to a field of Butterflies


Bleary-eyed, zipping wide my cocoon, I peel myself into the morning

Uttering, muttering, I crawl out of the tent.

The soft sun of morning greets me and iluminates

The magical carpet of spider webs,

Everywhere clinging to the dew-drench grass.

Riot of butterflies bustle on the subtle breeze -

Floating, fleeting. Greedily I drink it in:

Lowing cattle framed by bower of sweet peas.

I thrill at nature's wallpaper

Enclosed by beech saplings, sturdy firs: our secret glen. Cars zoom past.

Steadily heralding a new dawn, the daily web is caste.

Introducing Dobbin and Little Bull